Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Forge Onward Anti-Bullying Animal Rescue will get a $20 donation!

A huge thanks to everyone  who has already made donations. The products have been appreciated and useful. You are making a difference!

Looking forward to more support, donations and organizing the groups to help take care of these animals. 

Thank you is to www.theassgirl.com where all of the clothing you see are available. Yes.. it is me. I am trying to figure out a way to connect them. Right now the common factor is TheAssGirl and TheAssBoy  make clothes for all of those stereotyped and judged. Make yourself happy and never be ashamed. Whether it is a diagnosis that requires medication or knowing you were not born in the right body. Everyone smiles in pictures. 

The Story.. How It Began..


For those who don’t know (most!) there is a little more to my story. I have intentionally kept my home life private. One thing that TheAssGirl is about is encouraging people to stop stereotyping. You will notice those are the groups I tend to make products for. The ones that people judge on appearance, sexual orientation, hobbies, etc. I think they should be proud and own who you are. There was many times where you feel like you don’t fit in. I question why do we want to fit in? Why can’t you just be who you want to be and do what makes you happy. No one else in the world is living their life to please you. I have been judged and many times enjoy egging it on. I have a pole in my living room. I love wearing high heels. I can sometimes wear slutty clothes. That’s my choice and you would think by now I would be used to it but I am still sometimes surprised.

“Hey.. So I looked at your website and have been watching you at home and I just don’t see it.” You are assuming I am a non stop drinker who hits the clubs all the time and sleeps with random men. Surprise!

“In your next interview maybe you should talk about other stuff. Let the public see that you are smart.” Why do I have to do that. I know I have a brain. Why should I have to do that. Fuck them

“Your kids need to be spanked. You let them get away with too much and cuddle them too often.” My kids have autism. Do you know how much of a shit I would have felt like if I spanked them? It isn’t under their control.

“Why don’t you let your hair grow so that guys won’t think your a lesbian? Why not show a softer side and tone down your outfits and the way you talk so you don’t scare men.”

Bullying is an epidemic. It permanently changed my kids. It changed who I am. It pushes many over the edge. Kids that are 11 are killing themselves. Talk to any gay or trans person and ask if they were bullied. Ask what they went through and continue to go through. See that quiet kid in the corner keeping to himself? He is the one they will go after. He will go home and not say a word. Slowly he will lose sight of any future. He won’t be able to make the pain go away. Have you ever had your kid tell you they want to die? I have. Have you encouraged them to talk to teachers at their school? Of course. What you don’t know is the school will do nothing and because you encouraged your child to go to these adults for help and they have just swatted him to the side, he doesn’t feel like talking to you about it will do any good. I pulled my youngest from school. See those girls who love to pole dance? No..they aren’t strippers. They are empowered women who have probably at some point been judged and insulted. Look at all those tattoos. She must be someone who gets into lots of fights. He is probably just getting out of jail. Wrong again! It is a form of art and something they love. Even as adults we are bullied. It is crazy and no one is talking about it enough. Go into a mental health unit and you will probably find many who were bullied when they were younger, possibly diagnosed but it doesn’t stop the teasing. Bullying made my sweet, kind son totally defensive. Bullying made my other son hate people. Seeing adults do nothing, seeing kids being picked on. He could pretend to not let it bother him but he saw how it was hurting kids.

Bullying takes the trust in others away from many of our youth. They will go into seclusion. They stop having things to look forward to. Most won’t even talk to their parents about it. I want them to learn to trust again and feel safe, loved. That they can contribute to the world and are needed. Animals, I believe is the key. I want an animal rescue where kids who have been bullied, have been mentally beat down, can come and get built back up. They will work with these animals who are also a bit lost, form a bond, build confidence and be ready to face the world. I also want the people who are “employed’ there to be those who are disabled yet high functioning. There is no place for them in the world. They can’t find jobs. They can’t live on their own. Their parents live in fear something might happen to them because there is no one to take their kid. I want to find their niche and use it at the rescue. They could have their own little houses on the property. In addition, have others come in to work with them on life skills. How to shave. How to do laundry. How to make a bed. How to clean a tub. These are the things that will help them survive in the future. Could even work on socializing skills. Especially with the bullied kids who come in. The more difficult kids, put with the more difficult animals. They will be able to relate. Obviously I do not want anyone to get hurt. That is a given. I am aware also that this is a big dream. I figure if I can atleast create one of these mini towns, then maybe we can make two. Working closely with the parents/parent so that they are a part of it. Encouraging them to not be embarrassed by their child’s behavior. To be okay if they were diagnosed as bi-polar. To help them and their child be who they are and not try to “fit in”. Make it okay to be different.

I have also thought about doing 3 day trips. There are animal rescues that are desperate for volunteers and could use the help. Am I insane? Probably but it can start out as just a few. The point is helping everyone move forward. Right now is the filing for tax free status and I am told I can start soliciting for donations. I have a couple people with me who already have a few animals they have rescued. I am working closely with them on what we can do.

With this, my kids can have a future. A place to live, a purpose and job. And if anything should happen to me, they will be okay because right now, I’m fucked if something happens.

*Nothing I have explained is written in stone. This is all new to me and I am throwing out different ideas and seeing what can stick.